A well-qualified professional team.

Physiotherapy treatments and functional rehabilitation.

Back exercises and postural reeducation.

TARS, Physiotherapy Center(since 1996)

Maria Teresa Font
Pere Iglesias

In June 1996 TARS Physiotherapy and Recuperation Centre opened its doors in Palafrugell.

Since then, working non-stop and with the illusion and vocation for service which a profession as satisfying as ours gives, we have been able to help thousands of people who, in one moment or another, have consulted us whilst being injured, whilst needing physiotherapy treatment, or when they have just wanted to know our professional opinion about their problem.

Thanks to these people, today we are proud to be a physiotherapy centre of reference in the Baix Empordà area.

Our centers

Therapeutic Exercise Center

51, Rajola Street. Palafrugell

Physiotherapy and Functional
Recovery Center

51, Ample Street. Palafrugell

A specialized team of physiotherapists

25 years of experience treating patients
Pere Iglesias
Physiotherapist and Codirector
Maria Teresa Font
Physiotherapist and Codirector
Carles Cornell
Physiotherapist and Acupuncturist
Glòria Estanyol
Physiotherapist and Osteopath
Amanda Ràfols